From 13 November until 25 November 2006 the IMIH project supported Mr. Hai (Deputy chief of vocation education division HETD), Mr. Phong (Vice IMIH Project leader), Mrs. Thang (IMIH Project team), Mrs. Hong (IMIH translator), Mr. Cornille (IMIH Project coordinator) to go on a study trip to
Belgium. IMIH also partly supported the visit to Belgium of Mr. Can Viet Anh
(Director International Aid, Hanoi People’s Committee) and Mr. Nyaga (Head of department ICT integration in KTTC,
Kenya). The study tour was very successful and included visits to schools (3 days), internal VVOB days (2 days) and a VVOB-CEGO workshop (3 days). During the
first VVOB-CEGO International Conference on Strengthening Innovation and Quality in Education Building Experience, Excellence and Commitment through North-South Partnerships Mrs. Hong, Mr. Nyaga and Mr. Cornille presented 2 papers (+ Mr. Putseys). A comprehensive evaluation report was written and is available upon request.