IMIH is dead. Long live IMIH 2.0

July 24, 2008

The use of open and free source software’s like Open Office, Web 2.0 tools and pod casting was promoted during the IMIH 2.0 event (110 participants). One of the objectives of the IMIH 2.0 event was to thank the major stakeholders of the project and develop a plan for the future. Via a mind map the managers and the teachers per level were asked to imagine the future… Circa 40 DOET also attended the IMIH 2.0 event. They were all given the learning materials and explanation on the vision of IMIH on ICT integration. Mr. An, head of the ICT club, vowed to play an important role in IMIH 2.0 together with the management of HRCTEM. More pilot schools will be allowed to join IMIH 2.0. 18 IMIH 2.0 banners were distributed with a comprehensive list of relevant websites that reflect the IMIH strategy to successfully integrate ICT in all aspects of education. During the IMIH 2.0 event at the Horison Hotel HRCTEM clearly indicated it will take the lead during the ICT integration school year 2008-2009. The MOET and other educational stakeholders recognise HRCTEM as a centre of excellence in ICT integration.

Pictures can be viewed here:
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