Ceci n’est pas un workshop

March 31, 2008

On 25-27 March IMIH organised a ‘Ceci n’est pas un workshop: Unleashing creativity in the classroom with or without ICT’. The first two days of the workshop were fascilitated by Paul Zetter from ensemble creative. In fact, it rather was a playshop since Paul Zetter managed to get the message across through very exciting games. Approx. 45 participants of the IMIH pilot schools and HRCTEM had a lot of fun AND learned how to unleash creativity in the classroom.

The third day Peter van Gils, the IMIH advisor and Bart Cornille, the IMIH project coordinator, linked ICT to the concept of creativity. The participants were asked to brainstorm on suggestions for a lesson plan. They used bubbl.us to map their thoughts before starting to make a lessonplan. Loads of weblinks were given to the participants while creating the plan.

At the end of the day all 4 groups presented the work. All groups took on the challenge to try out the games of Paul Zetter, film them and publish the films on You Tube before 30 April 2008.


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