World Environment Day 05/06/07

October 8, 2007

HRCTEM further promotes itself as a centre of expertise in EE and ICT integration in teaching and learning. On 05/06/07 IMIH joined the HEEP event on World Environment day, a total programme on the achievements of this VVOB project in 6 years. This event included a viewing of the movie ‘An inconvenient truth’, presentations of Prof. Dr. A. Galla on EE, realizations/lessons learned of the HEEP team and much much more. BC gave a presentation on ICT tools for EE and ESD. On the 6th June both teams together with their stakeholders went on a one day retreat to discuss the up scaling of the VVOB projects. The results will be included in the year plan for IMIH in 2008. During this period IMIH also launched an ICT4EE competition for the IMIH pilot schools. The teachers were asked to integrate ICT in EE lessons. We received 16 entries, 4 made it to the finale stage, they each received a computer for the school.


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