Teamspirit IMIH

October 8, 2007

Peter Van Gils noted that the IMIH team has changed in terms of motivation and efforts. This is partly because some people have left the project and have been replaced but also because the capacity/teambuilding efforts have really paid off. More in depth conclusions were presented by Jan Arend Brandts (JAB) on the occasion of the mid term evaluation: the IMIH project is a successful project mainly because it motivated so much people to think in a creative way about the use of ICT in education. (“involved by the heart”) JAB called the IMIH team a hard working team with own initiatives that is flexible in its task-perspective + the ability to identify partners willing to cooperate (UNESCO CICE, external system administrator, ICT coordinators of the schools, use of Government Moodle) not trying to do all major tasks by the project team itself. JAB further suggested discussing with the management of HRCTEM the possibilities to include the IMIH-project in the regular organisation. E.g. as a separate (service) department or integrated in the other departments. Also discussing the (future) possibilities of making a separate department an income-generating unit. In 2008 we have to further prepare the IMIH project team members on a possible future training and consulting role on ATL and ICT in the poor provinces included in the new multi-year programme of the VVOB.


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