Cego Conference

August 8, 2006

The First International Conference of VVOB and CEGO (Centre for Experiential Education of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium) takes place from 21st November untill 24th November 2006. The conference ‘Strengthening Innovation and Quality in Education’ aims to build up experience, excellence and commitment between North and South in order to enhance the quality of education everywhere. Mr. Hai (MOET), Mrs. Hong (IMIH translator), Mr. Phong (IMIH vice project leader), Mrs. Thang (IMIH project team) and Mr. Cornille (IMIH project coordinator) will attend the conference. They also hope to visit other schools and centre of excellence in ICT integration in teaching and learning! Fore more info seehttp://www.vvob.be/educonference/


Action Research

August 8, 2006

An Action Research project has been set up to evaluate the ‘three in one’ capacity building program and pave the way for new ICT courses and initiatives. The findings and lessons learned will be compiled in a comprehensive article based on 3 years IMIH activities. An abstract of this case study on the IMIH project will be submitted on 15 September (CEGO workshop). Obviously, the experiences will be compared with the lessons learnt in other VVOB projects. See ICT policy making book: ‘At the crossroad. A case study of the Learning Resource Centre at the Kenya Technical Teachers College’, 2005 (http://www.idrc.ca/en/ev-93060-201-1-DO_TOPIC.html)

A training brochure including the three-in-one IMIH capacity building training program was designed and distributed to schools in Hanoi (More than 250 copies). For matters of sustainability a small enrolment fee was charged for the different compounds of the courses. It is believed that this will also increase the motivation of both teachers and students. It is hoped that this will help decrease drop out rates during the holiday courses.
The courses were marketed to the managers, administrators and teachers of the IMIH learning community and other schools in Hanoi, including HEEP pilot schools or in the district. For the first course there are 5 groups, respectively 45, 36, 55, 20 and 43 participants (Enrolment fee for IMIH members 100.000VND and non IMIH members 300.000VND). The E4ICT pilot group, including managers, is approx. 25 and the ICT toolkit pilot group is approx. 10 participants (Enrolment fee 100.000VND). For the E4ICT course a separate managers group will be organized starting from 10th August.


August 8, 2006

The E4ICT course, a collaboration between IMIH and UNESCO (CICE) was launched in February 2006 and ran up to the beginning of June 2006. An action research project on the course is ongoing; 5-pages questionnaire was distributed to seriously evaluate the concept. The results derived from an Access database made by Mr. Phong are quite encouraging. Over a period of four months approx. 110 students were actively involved in the E4ICT course and 95 also undertook a second 100 questions-test. Results show that on average there’s a 20% increase in performance. Thank your Robert and Lee!


August 8, 2006

Another plan for IMIH school websites (17) has been designed with 8 different sections: About School, News and Events, For Learning, For Teaching, Clubs, Father Association, e-Handbook and FAQ. Depending on the success of the Joomla experiment (ECTEM2), a decision will be taken in September 2006. It is part of VVOB’s mission to promote the use of open or free software, still, it must be tested thoroughly before being introduced in IMIH schools.

Hosting solved!

August 8, 2006

A new internet access management system was designed for the HRCTEM. The new server will be used as a proxy server managing the LAN and internet access in the whole college. After a serious market research by Mr. Hoa, ad interim IMIH network administrator, a more cost effective solution was also found to upload the IMIH Moodle. As more innovative tools and user friendly applications become available, http://www.siteground.com/, was ultimately selected to host the IMIH Moodle. (4.95USdollar/month versus 5 million VND/month@VDC) The search for a good solution concerning the use of open software or hosting included an offer from Peter Van Gils and Klascement. ECTEM2 chose to experiment with Joomla, the result can be seen on http://vietnam.classy.be/ At a later stage IMIH can also contribute and share its experiences on this site.

Moodle @ HRCTEM

August 8, 2006

After testing the Moodle for three months, it is now up and running and managed by Hoa, Phong and Bart Cornille (Since June 2006). Mrs. Quy and Mrs. Hong are currently learning to design, monitor and manage the e-content. (See http://hrctem.org/el/) The enrolment key can be given upon request. The VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) promotes a social constructionist pedagogy which includes collaboration, activity-based learning, critical reflection and useful evaluation tools. At this moment we are piloting the VLE to supplement face-to-face learning sessions at the IMIH resource centre during the summer holidays, an ideal moment for retraining (Mixed mode delivery). Still, Moodle is suitable for recap or review sessions 100% online, anywhere, anytime… The first experiments clearly indicate that there is a huge potential for e-learning in Vietnam, especially (re)training for (young) teachers.

Advanced Flash course

August 8, 2006

An advanced Flash course took place from 26th May until 12th June 2006 in collaboration with Faxcination. The IMIH project team updated some of the webisodes – the Ocean In a Bottle. (Vietnamese version) The workshop covered the whole process of making a more complex animated Flash movie; from the making of the story-board to the recording of sounds in the studio. The adventures of Dr. Duc and Linh (+ the making off) are now available on a DVD, ready to be distributed to the IMIH and HEEP pilot schools. Evaluation show that there is interest to organise more Flash workshops, the request comes from the IMIH kindergarten schools.
The animation film ‘the five trees’, a result of an activity of the CEGO workshop in collaboration with Faxcination, was sent to the Zebra Poetry Award that takes place in Germany, October 2006.

Educational software

August 8, 2006

On the occasion of the visits to the pilot schools a series of questions were asked to identify the current needs. ‘What type of educational software was needed’, was one of those questions. In September 2006, on the opening of the new school year, ICT books and educational software will be given to the schools. Via the EMCT2 project a Vietnamese version of Hot potatoes was obtained and distributed amongst the IMIH pilot schools.

During the visits to the pilot schools it was identified that the summer is the perfect time for retraining. Mrs. Quy designed and distributed a training brochure including our vision on ICT and all the courses on offer throughout the holidays.
19 June-31 July: ICT basic skills (Windows, Internet research, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and educational software’s
19 June-31 August: A pilot group for E4ICT on the Moodle
19 June-31 August: A pilot group for the ICT teachers’ toolkit on the Moodle (English version)