E-learning @ HRCTEM

March 7, 2006

The HRCTEM Moodle is up and running on our server. You can take a look at it on a temporary address http://hrctem.somot.net/el/

Do not yet try to sign in… please.

Mrs. Quy, Mr. Vinh and Mr. Cornille are currently testing and adjusting the interface. Monday 10 March and Tuesday 11 March Mr. Vinh will be giving an introductory workshop on how to practically manage the Moodle.

E-learning @ HRCTEM can start in April 2006 with a small group of pioneers! The first course will be the ICT teachers toolkit.


The two terms ‘connectedness’ (Used in Environmental Education) and ‘connectivity’ (ICT) constantely surfaced during the brainstorm sessions with Ludo Heylen (CEGO workshop). Depending on the context in which the terms are used they give a new meaning to one-another or they are used as synonym. In a way, the two VVOB projects, HEEP and IMIH, are defined within those keywords.

The idea to set up a so-called ‘Centre for Connectivism’ (RC3) @ HRCTEM was born, a centre that both HEEP en IMIH can use (Read more on http://www.connectivism.ca/blog). The opportunity arouse after Mr. Hung, the director of HRCTEM, in accordance with the management, decided to give a new, much bigger, space to the IMIH project.

3 Resource Centres @ HRCTEM?

Resource Centre 1 (RC1) will remain a ordinairy computer room (currently filled with very old computers) where ‘computer education’ is given. Also, the current IMIH resource centre (RC2) will continue to function as a place where ICT as an object and an aspect of teaching and learning is promoted (basic ICT skills).

In RC3 ICT is used as a medium. In other words, in RC ½ not all networked computers are linked to the internet, only the one of the teacher. In RC3 all computers are linked to the information highway.

To reach the 3th and 4th phase of ICT development internet research is crucial. Therefore, a secure network, including a management information system and an Internet Acceptable Use Policy need to be put in place together with properly functioning computers. RC3 will at the same time be the workplace for IMIH since the project team will facilitate the e-learning courses there. The set-up of e-learning courses will proof to be crusial for the sustainability and creation of an ICT development fund.

How many computers did VVOB already buy for HRCTEM these past years?

(1996: the education department of HRCTEM bought 20 PC’s, Celeron 500)

ü 1998: The VVOB schoolmanagement project bought 20PC’s, Pentium 3
ü 2003: IMIH bought 8 PC’s (Pentium 4) of which 4 HI-share.
ü 2005: IMIH bought 1 PS for the VVOB project coordinator

In RC1 there are currently 10 PC’s remaining of the ones purchased in 1996 and 8 PC’s of 1998. In RC2 there are 9 PC’s of 1998 working and 5 PC’s of 2003 (4HiShare).

Considering the useful lifespan of a computer (3 to 6 years!!!) one can only conclude that HRCTEM urgently needs new computers for its ICT project. With the current set-up it is simply impossible to establish a welfunctioning Resource Centre (one of the results of the IMIH project) that makes good use of the latest educational tools.


The remaining 17 Pentium 3 (1998) are to be put together in RC1 where IT will be given by the Computer department. The old Celeron 500 kan be put in the offices. RC2 will use the 4 Hi-share PC’s (16 users) and 1 PC for the teacher connected to the Internet. For us to be able to set up RC3 20 new computers are being bought and 2 PC’s + Proxy server are also included in the network.

Also, the new room needs some paint and LAN. For the tables a round design was chosen.

Womens Day

March 6, 2006

As one collegue remarked… everyday is womens day!

Womens Day

March 6, 2006

On the occasion Mrs Mai got a kiss and a rose from Mr Hung!

Womens Day

March 6, 2006

Today Womens Day! By the way, Happy Birthday to Son and Huy.

Ly Thuong Kiet has 892 student divided over 22 classes and taught by 64 teachers. Visiting this pilotschool, it became clear that the integration of ICT does not start in the classroom as such; it starts in the office of the director of the school. When the board of management is fully convinced of the need to learn ICT advanced skills, the rest will follow more easily.

The 2 very motivated ICT coordinators received IMIH training and have passed it on to their collegues during 2 (compulsory) evenings/week during the last year. It is estimated that 90% of the teachers have got some basic ICT skills and 30% even more advanced skills. And they are planning for the introduction of an ICT saturday filled with training and time to practise, practise, practise. The director of Ly Thuong Kiet is clearly a project champ since he now even opened a blog following an IMIH blogworkshop in February: see http://104nguyenkhuyen.blogspot.com/

10 teachers are currently enrolled in the E4ICT classes. 6 teachers will join training on e-lessonplans offered by VDC. Most impressive was the computer lab that was well maintained. IMIH assisted with 7 computers, the rest was bought with the support of the parents of the school, including an ADSL connection. More than any other IMIH pilot school, they seem to be looking forward to the upcoming e-learning initiative @ HRCTEM.

Kim Dong is doing everything it possibly can to achieve 100% ICT literacy amongst the teachers (45) by 2008. Still, the 30 old computers are being shared by 1640 students. IMIH already provided some equipment, software to monitor learning activities and student progress and more importantly, training of basic and advanced ICT skills including a Flash course.

It is estimated that today 60% of the teachers got some ICT basis skills. Currently there are 10 teachers in the E4ICT course @ HRCTEM. Management software is also being used in administration (HRM) and accounting of the school. It came to our attention that the Hotpotatoes and Kidspiration software is not being used at the schools. Access to the internet via dial up. IMIH will also assist in putting up a schoolwebsite.

Children and ICT

March 5, 2006

Learning ICT basic skills like holding a mouse, clicking… is being introduced at the age of 5!

Children and ICT

March 5, 2006

A computer seems to be just another tool for teaching children to read and write- to be used in combination with other media…

Children and ICT

March 5, 2006

A LCD projector and Violet software as a tool for learning helps children to focus and concentrate in a joyful atmosphere.