I have just joined a new e-Learning course on social technologies offered by Advanced Learning Systems. I hope to use this great learning experience to immediately pass it on to the IMIH project. This picture I have found on one of the sites given by George Siemens, one of the facilitators.


You moodle, Me moodle… we all moodle,

To moodle or not to moodle, that’s the question?

Mr. Vingh facilitated the Moodle workshop with a lot of enthousiasm

The workshop ‘How to set-up Moodle’ generated a lot of interest

On the second day of the study trip both teams introduced the ICT projects and looked for ways to collaborate. It was agreed that both projects will share the training materials that will be developed and will exchange the experiences with ICT resources such as softwares, websites…. Jan Geusens also invited IMIH at a workshop from 23 Febuary untill 3 March 2006 on the use of Excell, PowerPoint and Hot Potatoes.

The IMIH project team members also discussed the problem of resources at the pilotschools (More computers). It was agreed that IMIH will support the writing of a project proposal to the Ministry of Education to buy new computers. It was explained that VVOB cannot buy 300 computers; it can only support the capacity building program, LAN infrastructure and LCD projectors for example.

First meeting between the two VVOB project teams

Discussion on the different stages of ICT development

A study trip with the IMIH project team (+ 6 directors of the pilotschools) to HCMC took place from 9 untill 13 February 2006. The first day we discussed at length the different stages of ICT development and more importantly at what stage IMIH actually was. From the perspective of the pilotschools it was said that IMIH was just at its emerging stage, other schools however thought to have reached the second phase (Applying stage). This is in line with the set-up of IMIH as part of the River concept.
As for the HRCTEM IMIH project team members argued that IMIH is to be situated between the 2 and 3 phase. Teachers and students now have to move from “learning how to use” the technology to “using the technology to learn” (Infusing stage). All participants agreed that the aim is to reach the transforming stage. A transformed classroom is an inquiry-oriented learning environment.
The question on how IMIH can reach the transforming stage was discussed at length.
It became clear that the role of the IMIH project team members will change radically. Since the capacitybuilding program on ICT integration in teaching and learning will be offered through a mixed-mode delivery (F2F and eLearning) the team members will become e-tutors. This new role within the IMIH project will influence the role @ HRCTEM as a whole.

Robert Cope and his UNESCO (CICE) team working hard to handle the huge crowd!