Finally, the IMIH Resource Centre is becoming an active learning/working place. While the Englisch4ICT course is being designed, we have prepared the CEGO workshop on experiential learning, ICT and environmental education. The invitations were send to the pilotschools and other interested parties together with the objectives and program of the workshop. The program was changed and refined. The brochure on the capacity building program on ICT integration in teaching and learning was written and designed. Ms. Tam has also been busy with the design of a little bag that will be given to the IC3 participants. We also had a first meeting with all the ICT wizzards and environmental experts that will assist us during the workshop: what fine creative people. If you are interested, you can join our virtual discussions in the following chatroom: www.workshops.here.ws Finally, Mrs. Hong is working hard on all the translation documents and Ms. Quy is literally delivering all the invitations herself… I couldn’t have wished for a better team to work with. Thanks.


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VVOB approved the extra budget for the course concept ‘English4ICT’! Robert Cope, director of UNESCO (CICE), has already started working on the whole project. In December we will test (questionnaire + speaking) the participants of the pilot schools (150 persons). That will give us a clue on the level of the groups: it will help us to design the learning activities.

To avoid reinventing the wheel we have already undertaken a lot of research to see what is being used around the globe. Ofcourse, there is a lot of exciting material available. Following the philosophy of open soft ware we have decided to set up a Moodle-English4ICT virtual learning environment and use Hot potatoes solftware.

This is a joint project between IMIH and UNESCO (CICE). All IMIH project team members will be involved in the making off. There will be 12 envelopes (units) and we will all be asked to contribute according to our background and expertise.

The course ‘English4ICT’ will be launched in January 2006.

Results of the meeting on the budget 2005-11-09

  • There is an urgent need to buy stationary both for HRCTEM and the pilot schools (including USB flash memory sticks and a digital Dictaphone);
    Bart requested to buy a computer;
  • A request will be made to purchase books on Amazon (New technologies and new pedagogies);
  • As part of a teambuilding effort the IMIH project team want to go to HCM. During the visit both VVOB projects could look for ways to collaborate and visit institutions on the use of ICT in management, teaching and learning;
  • A brochure will be made on the innovation in education. It will be produced in two languages, English and Vietnamese including pictures of the IMIH project. The brochure will help to raise awareness on the need to learn ICT and the need to fully integrate it in the classroom;
  • A presentation during Open School day and a workshop will be organized on the set-up of Moodles Vietnamese;
  • The need for a better service for Internet was also discussed;
  • A request will be made to purchase VIOLET for all pilot schools;
  • Bart will facilitate 4 workshops on Internet research;
  • LAN to be installed in 4 pilot schools;

More delicious food 

November 8, 2005

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Delicious food! 

November 8, 2005

Delicious food! Posted by Picasa

Welcoming party 

November 8, 2005

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The Ministry of Education and Training officially opened its e-learning portal at http://el.edu.net.vn on November 2, an integral part of the EduNet education network and the most modern teaching technology at present.

The e-learning project began earlier in the year and will be developed with technology from Hewlett-Packard Vietnam and help from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). For the past several years, the two sides have cooperated to research different e-learning software products and the e-learning portal meets the standards of UNESCO’s ICT application and development programme.

The Ministry of Education and Training’s IT Centre has become a member of the E-learning “Moodel” Open Source Code Software Association. The Vietnamese version of Moodle has been completed and will be provided free for all educational institutions in Vietnam.

Googling has now become even more exciting. Not only is Google available in Vietnamese, it has scanned and put online the first books for FREE (you only need to have a gmail account). Simple go to http://print.google.com/ There’s a wealth of information from experiental learning to the effective use of ICT or even the history of Vietnam… Amazing. Also, the whole world might be using skype to make FREE phone calls over the Internet, there is also Google Talk!
Even more interesting, now there’s also a vietnamese blog. Set up a blog on http://www.blogvietnam.net/

Participants trying out VIOLET, a vietnamese software Posted by Picasa