Some more thoughts I am struggling with the year …

October 18, 2005

Some more thoughts

I am struggling with the year planning 2006. Although the results are quite clear, the indicators are not at all. They should be more specific or measurable. Also, I feel that the new activities are not well organised or very vague and the workshops are scattered all over the year. I am missing a sense of direction, a clear vision. Actually, what does the IMIH project wants to achieve in 2006? More questions keep on coming to my mind. What are the results after two years? What will the impact be after five years? Etc.

From managerial perspective the IMIH project is running smoothly. Most of the project team members are very motivated and seem to be seriously involved in the project. All project team members have been exposed to best practises through workshops and study tours in Vietnam, Singapore and Hong Kong. However, it seems that more and more questions are being raised about the benefits of ICT to HRCTEM and the pilotschools.

Some teachers have learned a bit of internet research skills, others did not even open an email account yet. Some teachers have learned Flash or Frontpages but do not seem to understand the benefits from it. Etc. One of the things I learned from the KTTC-VVOB project in Nairobi is that there is a need to set up a total programme. Workshops held every week or every 14 days tend to loose their value because the participants do not get the chance to practise. The use of new softwares or specific internet research techniques are often not difficult, the only secret to it is that you have to practise, practise, practise.

There is a need to set up an intensive training course on how to succesfully integrate ICT in education that will take about six months to complete. This course should be offered through a mixed mode delivery (F-2-F sessions and e-learning) using the concept of a feedbook as a VLE. Ms. Hong has already tested whether we can set up a blog in Vietnamese. She opened the blogspot succesfully. Now we can rationalise the yearplanning 2006 and harmonise all workshops, set up different blogs and design a training programme.

Here we go!


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