Here are some thoughts. At this stage the IMIH pr…

October 17, 2005

Here are some thoughts.

At this stage the IMIH project is organising a lot of workshops on the use of different types of software. At the moment there is a workshop going on to learn to create aminations in Flash. The teacher giving the workshop is Vietnamese but the software is written in English. First problem! For absolute beginners creating an animation in Flash is not easy. For example, it takes days to create the earth that is spinning around and around. So, both the participants and myself are wondering why teachers have to learn Flash in the first place!

Are you a better teacher if you use a Flash animation during your lessons?
Is it the role of a teacher to design Flash animations? etc.

The biggest problem remains that none of the participants speak or understand English. Imagine yourself as an English speaking person using Vietnamese software to access your documents?! This is one of the biggest challenges. It seems that there are two options. Indeed, there is a need to develop Vietnamese software but at the same time the Vietnamese urgently need to learn English if they want to become part of the information society (and they really do!).

We have already introduced some basic Vietnamese software like VIOLET (but it seems to be a very basic tool). A lot more could be done. Also, all project team members are enrolled in an English course. Maybe this opportunity should also be given to the teachers at the pilotschools. By the way, I believe that it is also one of the reasons why the Internet isn’t such a popular tool yet in Vietnamese schools.

Luckily, the Vietnamese people seem to be convinced that ICT somehow has a magical power. They love the latest electronic gadgets! They strongly believe that the day is coming very soon that they will be proficient drivers along the informationhighway just like they are now driving their Honda dream motorcycles along the charming streets of Hanoi.


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