10 October 2005 Hello hello I am at a place calle…

October 10, 2005

10 October 2005

Hello hello
I am at a place called Hanoi
It is everything I have ever dreamed off…

(Quote inspired by U2, Vertigo)

For outsiders it might seem a big step from the VVOB project at the Kenya Technical Teachers College (KTTC) in Nairobi to the Hanoi Retraining Teachers College (HRCTEM) in Hanoi but for me it isn’t really.

For the past four years I have been working at the KTTC as a pedagogical/project advisor of an educational management project with a focus on the integration of ICT in education.

In 1999 VVOB initiated a school management project in HRCTEM and Chris Dewael started to implement ICT in schools in and around Hanoi in 2003. I have now taken over as project coordinator of the project called ‘Implementing Information and Communication Technology in schools in Hanoi (IMIH).

Although Asia and Africa are two totally different continents I can already see some similarities too. One of the aims of this blog will be to try to make an comparison between the Asia and Africa especially when it comes to integrating ICT in education.

All this and more on HanoICT.


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