The use of open and free source software’s like Open Office, Web 2.0 tools and pod casting was promoted during the IMIH 2.0 event (110 participants). One of the objectives of the IMIH 2.0 event was to thank the major stakeholders of the project and develop a plan for the future. Via a mind map the managers and the teachers per level were asked to imagine the future… Circa 40 DOET also attended the IMIH 2.0 event. They were all given the learning materials and explanation on the vision of IMIH on ICT integration. Mr. An, head of the ICT club, vowed to play an important role in IMIH 2.0 together with the management of HRCTEM. More pilot schools will be allowed to join IMIH 2.0. 18 IMIH 2.0 banners were distributed with a comprehensive list of relevant websites that reflect the IMIH strategy to successfully integrate ICT in all aspects of education. During the IMIH 2.0 event at the Horison Hotel HRCTEM clearly indicated it will take the lead during the ICT integration school year 2008-2009. The MOET and other educational stakeholders recognise HRCTEM as a centre of excellence in ICT integration.

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July 24, 2008

Peter van Gils and Chris Dewaele gave a final workshop on special educational care and ICT in July 2008 (35 participants). (See As part of the SEN & ICT workshop a field trip to Special Educational Schools took place (E.g. S.O.S. Children Village-16 participants).


Teachings duringthe “SEN & ICT” workshop clearly showed a radical change in teaching and learning. Experiments with collaborative group work in the RC3 at HRCTEM actually foster the conditions that lead to quality learning outcomes in a flexible learning environment. Flexible learning is often taken as synonymous with distance education but flexibility can also involve options in course resources, in types of learning activities, in media to support learning, and many other possibilities. 



Evaluations indicated that active teaching and learning in a flexible learning environment can satisfy many stakeholders in education.

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July 24, 2008

IMIH members successfully teamed up with the ICTEM project of HCMC (EMTC2) during their Stepping Stone event (May 2008) and a joined workshop in Bali (June 2008-24 participants) to exchange the lessons learned, explain strategies and share the resources. (For example and ICTEM further introduced the new ICTEM DVD-CDROM Box that very clearly and practically explains the different uses of ICT in the classroom.  The ICT4ESD study trip also shed a light on what role ICT can play in so-called Green Schools. (See That way the visit was very instrumental to envision the future and to build a common vision for the project.    

AtKisson Workshop

May 26, 2008

 From 21-24 May VVOB Vietnam organised an AtKisson Accelerator Training workshop on tools for education for sustainable development. Robert Steele guided the participants through the use of a compass, a pyramid, ISIS and an amoebe to better understand systems thinking processes.

Peter van Gils

May 26, 2008

 Peter van Gils is welcomed by the IMIH team and managers of the pilot schools… after 7 years his visits have become part and parcel of the IMIH project.


May 26, 2008

 Educational games can add to the learning experiences in the classroom… and ICT is the ultimate tool to design exciting games!

Teaching methodologies

May 26, 2008

 In most IMIH pilot schools ICT integration is done through a mix of active teaching and learning methodologies (ATL) like group work, discussions, student presentations or role play.

Class observations

May 26, 2008

 Class observations @ IMIH are done according ICT knowledge management competencies. Here we are visiting the multi media classroom at Quang Trung lower secondairy school. After the class observations the IMIH team provides feedback on ICT integration to the classroom teacher.


May 26, 2008

 In April 2008 we have distributed our book ICT4ESD- innovations in education to various educational stakeholders. It was written by the IMIH team members and managers of the IMIH pilotschools during a writeshop in Dalat and Nga Trang. On the picture you can see 2 directors of IMIH pilotschools getting into the right atmoshere for education for sustainable development…

On 25-27 March IMIH organised a ‘Ceci n’est pas un workshop: Unleashing creativity in the classroom with or without ICT’. The first two days of the workshop were fascilitated by Paul Zetter from ensemble creative. In fact, it rather was a playshop since Paul Zetter managed to get the message across through very exciting games. Approx. 45 participants of the IMIH pilot schools and HRCTEM had a lot of fun AND learned how to unleash creativity in the classroom.

The third day Peter van Gils, the IMIH advisor and Bart Cornille, the IMIH project coordinator, linked ICT to the concept of creativity. The participants were asked to brainstorm on suggestions for a lesson plan. They used to map their thoughts before starting to make a lessonplan. Loads of weblinks were given to the participants while creating the plan.

At the end of the day all 4 groups presented the work. All groups took on the challenge to try out the games of Paul Zetter, film them and publish the films on You Tube before 30 April 2008.